Monday, November 10, 2014

HDD Regen 2011 with crack and serial key

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Did Your Hardrive fail or got Bad sectors no worries HDD regen is a perfect tool to recover it 

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HDD regen: HDD Regenerator is a unique program for regeneration of physically damaged hard disk drives. It does not hide bad sectors, it really restores them!

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Monday, July 7, 2014

How To use Your Memory Full even your pc is 32bit

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Did you experienced a situation you purchased a 4gb of ram or 2x stick of ram 4gb each  = 8GB and expecting that your motherboard read all the ram installed in slot , but sad and Disappoint when your windows PC only meet 2gb or half of the value of ram that actual inserted.

 You Search all over the web you been to your motherboard website and forums and your find a one and only solution in your upset situation is turn your system on Server type Windows 64 bit Platform , And you can only doing it when your pc is back on the time you purchased it in the store , no other things in desktop but Internet Explorer ,Sad but true your need to reinstalling your Windows and make it 64 bit to meet the ram you purchased and you end up spending 3-4 hours installing all the application ,games and utility you need,

  Good news, we got a solution on this without re-installing or upgrading your old OS 

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Why My Windows Updating after fresh Installation

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Experienced this After a Good Windows Installation and think you can start your Windows hands On on your New Machine. But you Surprised by windows update.

Please dont power off or unplug your machine installing update 1 of 1

Restart the computer in safe mode, right after pressing the power button, start hitting the F8 key a few times, you should get a new window that has the option,

"Start computer in safe mode" or something similar,
select that option and start.

After it starts, go to the control panel and open "add
remove programs" you should be able to delete the
updates from here.

If the computer does not start in safe mode, then I'm
afraid there's very little that can be done,
you might need to re-install windows.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Download Sony Vegas pro 12 with crack and patch

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Sony Vegas Pro dominates the space between basic video-editing software like Windows Movie Maker and professional applications like Adobe Premiere. Sony won this niche by offering professional tools and functions at a fraction of the competitors' prices. The latest version of Vegas Pro 12 adds a good deal of improvements to an already great video editor.

Incredibly functional but a little bland, Sony Vegas Pro 12 is designed for no-nonsense editors who want to get the job done right -- without all the frills. If you're a current Vegas Pro 11 user, updating is worthwhile for the stability alone. Newcomers can expect an easier learning curve. Sony has found a nice balance between function and price, coming in well ahead of main competitor Adobe Premiere in value. However, with the introduction of Adobe's Creative Cloud, arguments can be made for either app. Still, Vegas Pro 12 is a great choice for any price-conscious professional video editor.

Pros :
Packed full of features: With Vegas Pro, you can edit SD, HD, 2K, and 4K footage in either 2D or stereoscopic 3D. Sync material from multiple cameras using the multicam feature to add a little perspective to your movies. The celebrated masking abilities of Vegas Pro 11 is improved in 12, enabling you to refine your editing.
Universal file support: Vegas Pro 12 can import and export projects from other video editors, such as Resolve, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, and After Effects.
Ready to play: The video editor just works. With its streamlined layout, anyone with basic knowledge of video editing or production can pick up and start using Vegas Pro. You'll have to peek at the manual to use advanced features, but there are enough tools set out to let you start cutting.

Cons :Dated interface: The Vegas Pro 12 UI, although easy to grasp, looks out of touch when compared to the UIs of Premiere or Final Cut. The overall layout appears very similar to that of the 2009 release, so Vegas Pro offers a lot familiarity for current users but might alienate new adopters.

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Angelo Casimiro, a 15 Year Old Pinoy Invent electricity-generating shoes

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Angelo Casimiro, a 15 Year Old Pinoy Invent electricity-generating shoes

Yes it;s true another pinoy henyo is on the trending Spot on the internet all over the world, Has Invented an in -sole power generator that can be placed inside your sneakers.

is a piezoelectric project which can  generate electricity by applying pressure,So all you have to do is walk or run, the longer you do this the electricity you generate, and the power you create from your shoes can charge personal devices like , smartphones, Flashlights, Phones and other USB devices.

By jogging eight hours straight, the device can apparently charge a 400mAh lithium ion battery. At the center of the device is a piezoelectric component that can generate 26 volts. On the other hand, he said that the device is comfortable for the foot and describing it, feels like a ‘gel slip-on.’

His ideas came out due of poverty in the country ,Filipinos who do not have access to electricity can benefit from it. He also added that his project is “ideal for smart clothing, sport apparels that sync to your smart device/phone/watch wirelessly.”
Another Details in this device can run Arduino and other low-power circuits such as RF and Bluetooth transmitters. Squeezing the device can accommodate various sensors like telemetry circuits for health monitoring or GPS tracking chips for hiking.

At an early age, Angelo has been exposed to technology, science and inventions because of his late grandfather. He shared that if it wasn’t for his grandfather

He was the national champion in the annual National Robotics Competition last year and will soon compete in the International Robotics Olympiad in Beijing this December.
More importantly, Casimiro’s invention is an entry to Google’s 2014 Science Fair while his Youtube video has gone viral on Facebook. He asked his fellowmen to support the device by clicking the thumbs-up button on Youtube.

Once again another Pinoy make marked in the world on the line of invention Congratulation Angelo Casimiro your make your country Proud.

Friday, June 6, 2014

AOC first affordable and portable LED monitor powered by USB

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AOC first affordable and portable  LED monitor powered by USB 3

This is one of the most wanted device in 2014 why? is portable and easy to use no bulky stuff to eat your desk space , this is amazing a single power cable that came both power and signal to display in your front sensitive eyes, 

AOC e1670Sw  series is first on the technology display that put a single cord in both power and signal with affordable price that wont hurt your pocket, Its only 7 watts 

AOC slim, light  auto pivot and vesa mount is all we want on our techy lifestyle .

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Internet Download Manager ( IDM )Version 7.1 Cracked

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Internet Download Manager  Version 7 .1 is  Fast and easy way to download all the contents you need in the internet 

Looking for Downloading software?
IDM (Internet Download Manager ) are the best to choose among all of them 

and the best of this is cracked 

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